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Golden Eagle Communication KCMO  (816) 392-3472

We are your online source for Cb Radio, 10 Meter Radio, 10-12 Meter Radio, Cb Antennas and Accessories.

We are a small family owned operation, have been in the CB Radio industry for over 35-40 years and we have finally decided to launch an online store. We greatly appreciate your business!


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We simply wish to offer some of the highest rated products available as far as CB radios, 10 meter Amateur radios, 10 & 12 meter radios, and Antennas are concerned. We do not offer as much as some others but rather, we offer what we feel to be the most reliable feature rich CB radios, Amateur radios, and antennas from around the globe!!! A few of the accessory products we do not have much choice in when it comes to highest quality as in a couple of microphones listed.  Secondly, our demand for prompt and perfect setups. Thirdly, prompt and reliable shipping to our clients. This is our job and goals to always maintain.